Imagine the Land Project

Imagine The Land Projects cultivates relationships between people, art and nature through the use of natural resources in organic, impermanent land based installations. The project is a collaboration between Ekarasa Doblanovic and Karma Barnes.
Imagine the Land Project develops site specific collaborative and interactive installations by investigating the local environment, consulting and collaborating with the local community. The process references and draws from time honored techniques and materials in a contemporary context engaging participants and viewers on an artistic, emotional, spiritual and intellectual level. The project has recently produced public works with over 500 participants in both New Zealand and Australia.
The tread lightly and transient nature of these pieces has its own appeal in that the installation materials will be returned to the natural world and decomposed as part of the natural cycle, exploring the illusionary boundaries of time and space. We wish to transmit the delicate characteristics and implications of connectedness and responsibility, and how time (impermanence) and a palpable relationship to the earth can enhance our connection and perception of our environment.

Ekarasa Doblanovic & Karma Barnes
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